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C.O.R.E. is our unique evidence-based personality profiling system that reveals your temperament—the innate part of you that can’t be changed—and helps you to understand:

• what motivates you

• why you do the things you do

• how you interact with those around you

• your important and unique contributions to the world

The Healthy+Happy Program

The Healthy+Happy Program

Healthy+Happy is our 7-step coaching program that teaches you how to:

• understand how the things you believe and why you believe them affect your life

• learn how to balance the responsibilities that weigh on you with the resources necessary to stay afloat

• communicate effectively with the important people in your life

• create the sense of closeness and connection that you crave

What makes you


What drives your passions in life?

Many of us spend years trying to fix something about ourselves that we think is broken or try to be something that we're not. This wastes time and energy, causes unnecessary frustration, and inhibits our ability to be Healthy+Happy in life and in our relationships.

The first step to overcoming this barrier to success is to understand why we do what we do so that we can capitalize on the strengths of our temperament and think differently about our weaknesses. When we understand who we are at our C.O.R.E., we alter our perception of self, improve our communication, and nurture deep and meaningful relationships that promote continued happiness in our lives.

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CEO and Founder of The Healthy+Happy Program, E.N.G.A.G.E. Business Coaching Programs, the Better Dating Program, and the Creator of C.O.R.E. Dr. Denim Slade is an International Best Selling author and experienced life-coach. He also holds a Doctoral Degree (PhD) in Human Development.


"Oh my gosh - C.O.R.E. is showing me so much at home. The workbook is fantastic and Dr Slade is brilliant.

Change and understanding is truly possible for those who are willing to embrace it."

-Delores R.

"H+H Coaching is like getting the code to your own rubix cube! Finally all the pieces line up and make sense - and with a coach taking you through it all.

I LOVE how C.O.R.E. temperament theory explains so much of why we do what we do and helps us understand those around us. It's an absolute game changer."

-Shruti O.

Dr. Denim Slade is a best selling author and one of the few Ph.D. level coaches in the world. He’s passionate about helping you gain greater personal understanding bring about the changes you want to make in your life relationships

WITHOUT feeling the need to change who you are.


  • The Four C.O.R.E. Types: Understanding your C.O.R.E. is all about finding, understanding, and then using your natural strengths in a way that helps you find the greatest happiness in your life and relationships and then developing the skills and relationships in your life that minimize the effects of your weaknesses.

  • Resource Management: So many of us feel overwhelmed! That’s why we believe it’s important to start by fueling the engine that it takes to power the change you’re looking for. This is done by helping you understand what it takes to create resources, manage stressors, and balance both personal and relationship needs.

  • Neurology Made Easy: When you understand how the brain works, you realize that you have a lot of power in directing where it goes. Our bodies rely on the chemicals that our brain is responsible for producing…but there are specific activities and physical needs that the brain relies on US to give it! Learning how to create a better balance between the body and brain is what Neurology Made Easy is all about!

  • Rewiring the Brain: Many of us keep hitting our heads against the same walls over and over again…and the reason is simple. Our brains are almost completely wired in the first few years of our lives, but they aren’t always wired correctly. This can often lead to repetitive negative patterns of thinking and behavior. The good news? You can literally rewire your brain by following several proven steps. Through this process, you will untangle limiting beliefs about yourself and reroute them toward a greater sense of safety and belonging in your relationships.

  • Attachment: We believe that this is the most important key to creating and maintaining a close and connected relationship. Being alone in a relationship is one of the loneliest place on Earth! While other programs might touch on attachment, we understand it and use it as the strong foundation which everything else is built upon.

  • Conflict Resolution CPR: Conflict is an essential part of healthy human relationships! We aren’t born knowing how to fight, and most people have no idea how to do it well. Ineffective conflict resolution is the culprit of much of the distance that gets created across time in a relationship.

    With all of the information and skills gained from the first four steps, you will be ready for Dr. Slade to teach you his exclusive step-by-step formula to help you to fight effectively and fairly— all while preserving attachment! You will come away from conflict feeling more understood, more safe, and like you matter to your partner more than ever before.

  • Healthy Sexuality: Why would you want to have sex with someone that you don’t feel close to and that you’re not even sure you like a lot of the time!?

    There is a reason that this is the final unit of the Healthy+Happy Program. If you have done the work to incorporate the skills and tools gained in the previous units, you will be better prepared to learn how to create and nurture a healthy sexual relationship in your marriage.


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